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Sound absorbing Acoustic Corner Traps

Sound absorbing Acoustic Corner Traps
Sound absorbing Acoustic Corner Traps
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Sound absorbing Acoustic Corner Traps to efficiently absorb bass noise that build up in corners of studios

Size: 2ft or 3ft long and 15.5 inches wide. Grey Foam. 

Key Benefits
  • Helps provide a clearer sound for your mix
  • Reduces corner reflections.
  • Can help reduce bass reverberation in the room.
  • Made from flame retardant foam.

When recording or mixing music you want to listen to the music and not the room!!


Low-end frequencies have very long wavelengths and tend to build up in corners. These bass note wavelengths have a lot of strength. This means that more sound absorbing foam is necessary to absorb these frequencies. This is why our low frequency corner traps are absolutely essential in any room that is going to be used for recording, mixing or practising. Add to that the fact that low end frequencies usually build up in the corners of a room and this is why corner traps or the more expensive bass traps are installed. A lot of people do not have the space or funds available to be able to treat a studio or music practice room with thick, bass trapping foam and isn’t normally required. Noise can be 6-12dB louder in a corner than any other part of a room and this is why we insist on the installation of the corner traps.  For best results these traps should be used in conjunction with our acoustic Corner Cubes.


These corner traps will effectively soak up the low-end frequencies within the room. What they also do is help to better define the low frequencies bringing them under control and easier on the ear. This in turn helps you to achieve better results in your recordings. If a person is having trouble with the music sounding good in the studio but terrible in another room then acoustic corner traps are essential. The situation just mentioned is a common problem and can easily be solved with the use of these corner traps. They are not expensive and it’s not necessary to fill a room with them. With correct installation in the right places low-end frequencies are tightened and excessive colouration is removed.


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