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Soundproofing for vehicles

Soundproofing for vehicles including underbonnet pads and sound barrier mats for bulkhead, transmission hump and floor of vehicles.

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Acoustic Foam (SA FOAM)
Sound absorbing Acoustic Foam for lining the inside of enclosures to reduce noise from machinery ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
DIY Vehicle Soundproofing Kit
DIY vehicle soundproofing kit including bonnet pad and sound barrier mat for the  engine bay..
Ex Tax: £104.35
Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam (FR Foam)
Non-Flammable, fire retardent Class 0 acoustic foam for lining the inside of heating and ventilat..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Foam Laminate (SA25FF/B/6)
SA25FFB6 black protective film faced composite soundproofing foam for lining enclosures of engine..
Ex Tax: £46.02
SAFRFFB6 Aluminium foil faced 32mm non-flammable soundproofing for lining enclosures of noisy mac..
Ex Tax: £73.96
SAPT220 Foam Backed Sound Barrier Mat
SAPT220 a 13mm foam backed sound barrier mat an acoustic lagging for pipes, soundproofing floors ..
Ex Tax: £86.43
Soundproofing Mat (SBM5) 1.2
SBM5 heavy soundproofing mat for upgrading the soundproofing of lightweight structures such as st..
Ex Tax: £10.66
Film Faced Acoustic Foam
Black film faced sound absorbing acoustic foam with a protective surface that protects against du..
Ex Tax: £0.00