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Soundproofing for Walls

Soundproofing for Walls including separating and party walls.

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Acousticel M20AD
Thin recycled soundproofing pad for party walls and separating walls.  To be fitted with 30m..
Ex Tax: £32.00
Soundproofing Mat (SBM5) 1.2
SBM5 heavy soundproofing mat for upgrading the soundproofing of lightweight structures such as st..
Ex Tax: £10.66
Acoustic Mineral Wool (AMW)
Acoustic Mineral Wool sound absorbing infill for cavities of floors and stud partitions. Size..
Ex Tax: £0.00
SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2
SoundBlocker Quilt SBQ2 with acoustic membrane is a more efficient alternative to normal mineral ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Resilient Bars 1.25 meter (Pack of 10)
Resilient Bar decoupling system for improved soundproofing through ceilings and stud partitions. ..
Ex Tax: £17.10
Acoustic Sealant
Gap filling flexible Acoustic Sealant that is also intumescent to give additional fire protection..
Ex Tax: £6.50
Acoustic Vents
Acoustic Ventilation for the reduction of noise through any vented wall. Key Benefits ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Sta-Stuk Aerosol Contact Adhesive
Sta-Stuk (formerly Sta-Put) is a high strength adhesive that is a water/heat resistant clear web ..
Ex Tax: £8.90