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Universal Ear Protectors

Universal Ear Protectors
Universal Ear Protectors Universal Ear Protectors
Product Code: universal-ear-protectors
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Price: £14.28
Ex Tax: £11.90

16dB Universal Ear Plugs ideal for use in the music industry and players in a band.

Size: N/A
  • Re Useable
  • Will reduce noise by 16db
  • Carry Case and neck cord included.
  • Easy to use
Normal ear plugs produced from foam or wax although effective at protecting the ears from high levels of noise and will give protection from 10 – 20dB, they also distort and reduce normal levels of noise that can make speech and music more difficult to understand and appreciate.
The new Universal Ear Protectors now available as a persoanl reuseable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that is available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.  These earplugs will reduce sound and noise by 16dB without losing the ability to hear normal levels of sound or environmental sounds.  This makes them ideal for musicians working in clubs and concerts where high volumes of music are often played and will replicate the ear’s natural frequency response.  So if you want to turn down the noise without losing sound quality these ear plugs are the answer.  The earplugs come complete with a handy, pocketable carry case, instructions and neck cord.
More info can be seen here

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