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SAPT220 Foam Backed Sound Barrier Mat

SAPT220 Foam Backed Sound Barrier Mat
Product Code: SAPT220
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SAPT220 a 13mm foam backed sound barrier mat an acoustic lagging for pipes, soundproofing floors and bulkheads of vehicles.

Size: 1.19 x 2m x 13mm thick 
Key Benefits
  • Effective acoustic lagging.
  • Easy to cut with a knife.
  • Ideal to line metal panelling such as vehicle bulkheads floors.
  • Easy to stick with our special spray adhesive.
  • Scratch and fluid resistant coating
  • Easy wipe clean surface
SAPT220 Spaced Layer Sound Barrier Mats employ self-extinguishing components and are primarily intended for the improvement of the sound insulation of sheet metal that resonates above 350Hz. These Barrier Mats are particularly useful for insulating pipes, ducts, vehicle bulkheads and floors, hoppers and machinery enclosures.
SAPT220 resembles the SBM5 soundproofing mat except that one side has a layer of sound absorbing acoustic foam.  The product is applied with the foam bonded to the substrate.  SAPT220 also has a scratch resistant water-proof skin on the barrier side.
Our Jointing Tape can be used to seal joints if required.

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