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Echosorption Plus - Acoustic ceiling tiles

Echosorption Plus - Acoustic ceiling tiles
Echosorption Plus - Acoustic ceiling tiles
Product Code: echosorption-plus-acoustic-ceiling-tiles
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Echosorption Plus 30mm sound absorbing acoustic ceiling tiles an economical solution to reduce noise echo in classrooms and halls.

Size: 1200mm x 600mm x 30mm (4ft x 2ft x 1-1/4 inches) 8 tiles per box. PRICE IS PER BOX OF EIGHT.
Key Benefits
  • Easy to apply and cut when necessary
  • CLASS C absorber, which complies with PART E building regs. for common areas
  • Halogen gas and CFC free
  • Class O fireproof rated
  • Chamfered edge to save using jointing strip
  • Minimum loss of head room
Echosorption Plus also known as Echosorption II are stick-on acoustic tiles, which are extremely lightweight and easy to install onto most ceilings.

These sound absorbing tiles provide a higher acoustic performance. Echosorption Plus acoustic tiles are particularly effective at reducing reverberated noise in schools, offices, sports halls, music studios, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, interview rooms and shooting ranges.

At only 30mm thick, these highly efficient sound absorbing Class 0 non-flammable sound absorbing tiles are ideal for fitting to ceilings with minimum loss of height.

The panels are made up with a sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool core faced with a highly efficient sound absorbing lightly painted surface.  The edges of each tile are chamfered so no jointing strips are necessary. 

Echosorption in RestaurantsEchosorption in Restaurants
















PART E Compliant

As they are also a Class 'C' absorber they are suitable for the ceilings of stairways and other common areas within flats to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements for sound absorption and for reduced reverberant noise.


Legislation has now been introduced to control noise and reverberated sound in schools and other public buildings as described in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) as Part E of the Building Regulations.


The Approved Document E also contains guidance on the installation of sound absorbing insulation to common areas of buildings such as found in flats.  The easiest way to comply with these new rules is to fit a Class C performance sound absorber on the ceilings of these areas.  The requirement is to fit a Class C sound absorber to cover an area of not less than 50% of the ceiling area in the common area of all floors including stairways.

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