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Product Code: safrffb-frffb6
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Price: £88.75
Ex Tax: £73.96

SAFRFFB6 Aluminium foil faced 32mm non-flammable soundproofing for lining enclosures of noisy machinery and equipment.

Size: 1000 x 1000 x 32mm thick
Key Benefits
  • Effective airborne soundproofing inside machinery covers and enclosures.
  • Easy to cut with a sharp knife.
  • Easy to stick with our special spray adhesive.
  • Easy wipe clean aluminium surface

This non-flammable composite is specifically designed to reduce noise from small enclosures such as boat engine bays and domestic pumps.

Faced with an aluminium oil and water resistant coating that protects the sound insulation and gives effective sound reduction wherever internal engines or hydraulic power packs are used without the problem of liquid or dust contamination.

A sandwich construction comprising both a 6mm and 25mm thickness of specially formulated non-flammable sound absorbing foam each side of a mineral loaded polymeric sound barrier. The thicker layer of foam is protected with the aluminium facing.



Marine engine compartments, hydraulic power pack enclosures, compressor housings, plant machinery, domestic pumps and many more. The soundproofing is simply glued into position on the inside walls using our Special contact adhesive. However, when the product is inverted, due to the heavy weight of the product, it is recommended it is also secured with additional mechanical fixings.


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