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DIY Anti-Vibration Kit for Electronic Drums

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An effective, easy to install DIY anti-vibration kit designed specifically to absorb pedal noise from drum sets supplied with full installation instructions.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps the neighbours happier
  • Can easily be trimmed if required
  • Reduces vibration from drum set pedals


This anti-vibration kit comprises three 15mm thick mats that are simply butt joined where required with the joints taped with the jointing tape supplied to ensure they stay put.

  DIY Anti Vibration Kit for Drum Sets

The Kit contains:

3 x Anti-vibration Mats each 1200 x 600mm

1 x Roll of 50mm wide Jointing Tape

1 x Set of easy to follow fitting Instructions



Applications for this kit is mainly designed to isolate drum sets from the floor to absorb pedal noise but can also be used to isolate any noisy and vibrating equipment that is not too heavy.  The mats are designed to help block low frequency noise from travelling through floors.  Because even electronic drum sets are not completey silent this kit is essential to reduce noise from pedal action penetrating the floor to annoy neighbours or members of the family immediately beneath.  

If an anti-vibration mat is required for heavier equipment such as white goods type domestic appliances or indoor fitness equipment such as treadmills then our heavier duty mat would be required and more information on these can be viewed elsewhere on this web site via this link  AV Pad

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