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Soundproofing Mat (SBM5) 1.2

Soundproofing Mat (SBM5) 1.2
Product Code: soundproofing-mat-sbm5
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SBM5 heavy soundproofing mat for upgrading the soundproofing of lightweight structures such as stud partitions and timber joisted floors.

Size:  1.2m x 1.2m
Key Benefits
  • Ideal to be used as a de-coupler between plasterboard
  • Blocks airborne sound as well as a sheet of lead
  • Significantly increases the mass of any panel or board
  • Approx 2mm thick
  • Easy to cut and install

Please note:
SBM5 is a very heavy product and larger orders may require help with offloading!

SBM5 is a heavy layer mineral loaded soundproofing mat nominally 2mm thick with excellent sound insulating qualities which will give significant sound loss improvements to lightweight structures when used as an sound barrier.

It is equal to lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound barrier in stud walls and timber floors. Biggest sound insulation improvements can be achieved when it is used as one layer between two sheets of plasterboard.
Because SBM5 is produced from recycled materials, there may sometimes be a ‘rubbery’ smell when the product is first unpacked.  Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days but as a precaution, we advise that a thin layer of polythene is fixed on top of the soundproofing mat before any final covering is installed to seal in any smells. You can buy this from us by selecting it below.
Polythene Sheeting

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