Soundproofing: Remove your exposure to noise pollution

It is almost impossible to become immune to effects noise can have on us.  It is reported that noise can cause distress, illness and in some unfortunate circumstances it can cause death.  Noise can easily become a social nuisance.

Regardless of where you live, whether it is in a tower block or a busy town centre, the police spend a significant amount of time in dealing with complaints about noise which is unfortunately a major problem in many towns and cities in the UK.

A recent report carried out by the EU Commission highlighted that noise pollution and the effects it has on individuals has not had the attention that it deserves.  It can have devastating consequences.  Not only can it affect your health directly such as cause damage to the ear drum but it can also have mental health effects.  Those that are affected by noise can struggle with an increase in blood pressure and later develop a mental disorder.  As previously mentioned noise pollution can cause death in the most extreme of cases but this can be avoided.

The EU Commission have stated that over 30% of EU citizens are exposed to noise pollution.  Are you a part of this statistic?

The majority of noise issues are caused from inside the home.  It may be that granny is a little bit deaf and needs the TV turned up on to full volume or a future rock star son or even daughter is spending excessive numbers of hours after school crafting their art.  Other examples include the arrival of a new baby and their screams vibrating through the walls to the neighbours in the small hours of the night.

Whilst it is a well known fact that technology has made this more of an issue it can provide solutions.  In simple terms noise causes waves of vibrations and travels through the cavities in the wall.  When a wall is sound proofed using insulation it can trap these noise vibrations and stop them from travelling and disturbing others.

Sound insulation can be contained to one room of a house.  In other words sound insulation can enhance the sound to just one room only.  This is particularly needed for recording studios.  Therefore sound proofing a room which is used to watch films on a home theatre system, create music or playing an instrument can have double benefits.  Not only will it stop the sound being transmitted to neighbours that are not likely to be fans of your music or choice in film but will enhance the sound within the room.  Bizarrely the sound will be much crisper in the room but if you were to go to your neighbours you would not be able to hear anything.

There are a variety of sound proofing products that a professional will use to meet your needs and requirements.  A professional will have the skills and expertise to know the best materials to use for the job in hand.

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