Why should you soundproof your home? What benefits will it bring to you?

As the population continues to grow there is less and less people living in rural areas so therefore noise pollution plays a major problem in communities.  There is a greater need to soundproof your home in order to create that tranquil and peaceful environment you so dream for.  Why limit soundproofing to your home there are lots of benefits to soundproofing schools and businesses.

We look at the main reasons why you would benefit from soundproofing your walls:

Noisy neighbours in the flat above

If you live in a flat then you are more likely to suffer from noise pollution as you have a resident directly above and directly below you.  Noisy neighbours can be an invasion to your privacy and can affect the quality of your life.  By installing acoustic insulation you are en route to saying good bye to this noise for good.  It will create a barrier between you and your noisy neighbours.

Traffic noise from passing cars and bikes

If you like thousands live on a main road you are likely to be fighting a constant battle with high levels of traffic.  Although cars have to comply with noise standards themselves unfortunately there is no specific legal limit in place on noise pollution in the roads.  Noisy traffic can be somewhat worse at night when you are trying to sleep.  It is a proven fact that noise pollution from ongoing traffic can cause an increase in stress levels and high blood pressure.

Ongoing exposure to a consistent type of noise

Frequent exposure to lots of noise can in some extreme cases cause a loss of hearing.  You do not need to be old to lose your hearing as noise pollution can affect people of all ages.  Just because you feel it is not causing you harm when you are young, the pressure on your ears will gradually increase over a period of time.  Dependent on the type of noise that you are exposed to it will cause short term and long term issues.  You do not have to expose yourself to this as there is something that can be done about it.  Soundproofing your walls and floors will ensure that the insulation absorbs the sound waves so that your ears don’t have to.

Also listening to constant noise can affect your ability to concentrate.  If you are a home worker then you will want the peace and quiet to get your work done.

Loud music

Perhaps your neighbour sees themselves as a keen musician and plays their guitar or drums for long periods of time without any consideration to their neighbours.  If this is the case soundproofing walls and floors will create a sense of harmony between neighbours and then your neighbour can play his music to his heart’s content.

Previously people have moved home in order to avoid noise problems.  But acoustic insulation means that this can be avoided.  Speak to a professional soundproofing company who will provide solutions and offer advice.

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