Soundproof your floors to minimise your stress levels

How many times have you been in the unfortunate position where you have been woken up by your noisy neighbours from the flat above you?  Or a member of your family forever getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet?  Maybe you work in an office that is in the same building as a gym and the noise from the aerobics session is stopping you from being able to concentrate.  Alternatively you are just a light sleeper and would love for your bedroom to be really really quiet if that is at all possible.

Noise pollution can be a huge problem for people especially if the source of the noise is a constant drown.  Not only does it interrupt your sleeping pattern but it can bring stress upon your life as it battles with your thought process.

How is noise transmitted?

All types of noise cause a vibration and will vibrate through every type of wall including those made out of brick or wood.  It will even radiate outwards from the same solid material.  For this reason your ceilings and walls are built with an air cavity and two types of outer solid surface.

As previously mentioned if you live in a flat then it is inevitable that unwanted noise from neighbours will break through the floors.  The most common complaints by people living in flats are kids running around, the sound of music from a stereo and television noise.  The great news is that there are ways in which you can soundproof your floors so that this need not be a complaint for you.

If you think you can try and block the noise yourself by using pink batts you would be wrong because the noise can and will travel around the insulation.  In order for your insulation to be effective you need to break the sound connection.

A professional company with experience and expertise will work with you to find soundproofing solutions that are needed to get the stress of noise out of your life for good.  Stress can come in all shapes and sizes and can be made worse when your mind can not relax.  If background noise is causing you unnecessary strain on your life contact the professionals today who will look at ways to reduce noise pollution in your home.

There are two types of soundproofing available to you.  These are acoustic matting and floating flooring.  Both options have the capabilities of reducing noise transmission through your floors.

How do you decide which type of floor you need?

A professional soundproofing company will work with you to decide which types of floor insulation are required for your home or office space.  It will all depend on the types of floor finish you currently have, such as carpet, laminate, tiles or solid wood.  Other factors to take into consideration are the height of the room and whether there are any restrictions.   As well as any building regulations that may be in place that prevents you from having one type of soundproofing material.

The end result being a peaceful night’s sleep and a relaxed mind!

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