Silence is Golden: Soundproofing is the answer

As most of us know, there are types of noise that can certainly get under our skin like an invisible pest.  The sound of people leaving a pub at midnight as they walk down your street chatting can often be annoying when it disturbs your precious sleep.  Or the sound of a car or even worse, a motorcycle that rumbles directly past your home at five am.  All you are asking for is a bit of peace and quiet, I hear you scream.  And yes it is completely possible.

You are not the only participant in the war of unwelcome noise and you do not need to be defenceless as we will let you in on a little secret shortly to removing this unwanted noise for good so that you are the master of sound and not allowing it to take over your life making you and your family feel miserable.

Before we look at ways in which you can soundproof your house, we thought you might be wondering how does sound manage to creep through your bricked and insulated home.  Even moderate levels of television sounds and conversations can seep through from your neighbour’s walls like a deadly gas.  The main culprit is that sound is a series of vibrations or otherwise known as sound waves that move its surrounding particles.  The more dense these surrounding particles are, the more the sound will travel.  Think about a football stadium where a row of people will start the “wave”.  If the “wave” starts well and then comes to an empty stand then obviously it will stop.  Similarly if you are in an open field, you voice will not travel as far as if you were in a tunnel.

So when you are faced with a solid surface such as your bedroom wall it will absorb some of the sound from outside and also reflect some of the vibrations back to where they came from.

So what soundproofing steps can you take?

You firstly need to identify the kind of noise you are dealing with, is it noise transmission or noise reception.  Maybe it is you making all the noise with your set of drums or home studio and you want to soundproof the walls so not to disturb your own neighbours, this would be classed as a noise transmission issue.  As the neighbour it would be a noise reception issue to them.

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd has the experience and expertise to provide a huge range of soundproofing products to meet your needs and requirements.  As a forward thinking and dynamic company they are on hand to provide advice and answer your questions on any issue of soundproofing.

There are three ways in which you can muffle that audible aggravation.  Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd can create space which means increasing the amount of air between the source and your precious ears or they can dampen sound using high quality materials that will act as a sound sponge.  The insulation will convert these sound waves into an energy source.

What are you waiting for?  Contact Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd today to see how they can remove your noise pollution forever.

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